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Custom made manual wheelchairs, designed and made in Melbourne for 40 years. 


At Mobility Plus, we specialise in truly custom-made wheelchairs for the individual. We are all about a client centred approach. Our aim is to empower you with the right information to direct the design of your wheelchair and how it meets your specific needs. We believe this approach is a key factor behind the longevity of Mobility Plus and why we have had so many loyal, repeat clients over the 40 years. 

Each custom wheelchair that we manufacture is unique. We certainly follow a formula, but every client has unique needs, which is why we go far beyond taking stock pieces from a library of pre-made parts. From the size and precise geometry of the frame, to all of the components and colours. We work with you to create something that not only meets your physical and functional needs but aesthetically is a reflection of you and your style. 

Each wheelchair, from the initial scripting, to design and the meticulous hand craftsmanship of the manufacturing process, often takes over 50 hours to be completed. We use the finest materials available to ensure long-term durability which is why we have the confidence to offer a limited life-time warranty on all our frames.

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