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Paediatric Ultra

A super minimal, lightweight, custom wheelchair with built in growth


The Ultra is our most minimal frame design. Tailored for the unique needs of kids and teens, the Paediatric Ultra has up to 3” of seat depth growth, adjustable wheel position and optional backrest height adjustment. No need to compromise on comfort or function as you grow. Even better, the growth is built in, so it isn’t necessary to change parts or add growth kits.

Made from an all-welded high tensile, heat treated aluminium, it is super lightweight and strong. In titanium, the added flex provides greater dampening of ground vibration.

Designed and manufactured right here in Melbourne each wheelchair is carefully made for the individual, from all of the dimensions and the geometry to the components and accessories. Not only do we focus on the needs of the individual using the wheelchair but also family members and carers who may be transporting the chair. The lightweight, minimal frame folds down quickly, reducing strain while lifting the chair in and out of the vehicle. With on-site fabrication of multiple push handle options, we can ensure comfortable placement and height for those pushing the chair.

The colour choices of any Mobility Plus wheelchair are totally up to the client, making it a true reflection of your style and personality. Choose your frame colour, accent colour, Spinergy wheels & spokes, spoke guards and even the colour of the backrest upholstery. Whether you want something minimalistic or super funky, or something in-between.


  • All-welded frame high tensile, heat treated aluminium frame

  • Built in growth

  • Folding backrest

  • Breathable, padded upholstery with adjustable tension

  • Angle and depth adjustable footplate

  • Adjustable rear wheel position

  • Huge choice of colours

Optional Extras:

  • All-welded titanium frame

  • Height adjustable backrest

  • Variety of push handle options

  • Spinergy wheels, X-Core wheels and different spoke guard designs

  • Front suspension

  • Armrests and clothes guards (fabric, polycarbonate, alloy or carbon fibre)

  • Anti-tip wheels

  • Weight bearing footplate – can be flip back or fixed

  • Postural supports, backrests and pressure care cushions

  • Attendant brakes

  • Accessories including drink bottle holder, under chair bag, under chair net, bag hooks

  • Different push rim options including Natural Fit and thumb guards

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