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A rigid frame wheelchair with multidirectional adjustment


The Wedge is a custom made, rigid frame wheelchair with multidirectional adjustment. The design of this frame allows not only for the adjustment of the rear wheel position to change the balance point of the wheelchair but also height adjustment. The ability to change the height of the wheelchair at both the front and rear allow us to alter the seat angle of the wheelchair if necessary. Perfect for new wheelchair users or those whose needs and comfort may be expected to change over time.

The reinforced subframe of the wedge adds to the strength and durability of the wheelchair, perfect for heavy, hard wearing users.

We completely custom design and manufacture the Wedge right here in Melbourne. From all of the dimensions and geometry to components, accessories and colour choices. No two chairs are the same.


  • Fixed, folding or lift out backrest

  • Adjustable rear wheel position to change balance point

  • Adjustable front & rear height to change seat height & angle

  • Angle and depth adjustable footplate

  • Breathable, padded upholstery with adjustable tension

  • Precision sealed bearings

Optional Extras:

  • Push handles

  • Anti-tip wheels

  • Armrests & clothes guards (fabric, polycarbonate, alloy or carbon fibre)

  • Wheel options including Spinergy, X-Core & off-road wheels

  • Tie-downs for transport

  • Stump supports / other custom supports

  • Clothes guards – fabric, polycarbonate, alloy or titanium

  • Folding, swing away or flip back footplate

  • Various accessories including push rim and storage options

  • Postural supports including lateral supports, headrests & harnesses

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