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Levo LAE

Manual wheelchair with manual sit to stand


The touch of a lever elevates you to a safe, comfortable standing position to interact with your active life. At work, in school or at home, LEVO standing wheelchairs, offer exactly what you need: Independence, Mobility, Support, Health and Quality.

Wheelchair characteristics:

  • Agile, active. Quick response

  • Excellent driving characteristics indoor and outdoor

  • Convenient quick release rear wheels, front castors and a folding backrest make for easy vehicle transport

  • Simple and fast adjustment for individual preferences

  • Accessories to build your personalized chair

Seating and Standing design:

  • Complete standing position up to 86°

  • Sit, Stand – and anywhere in between

  • Six ground stability points ensure solid and secure standing position

  • Gas springs move you to controlled positioning through easy one hand operation

  • Optimal and matched body mechanics in all seating and standing positions

  • Numerous medical benefits because of more frequent standing


  • Smooth standing and positioning movement

  • Excellent driving characteristics

  • Easy and safe to handle

  • Transport friendly

  • Aluminium = light weight

  • Adjustable for upper and lower leg length, foot position and back height

  • Seat width from 35 – 48 cm

  • Seat depth up to 54 cm

  • User weight up to 120 kg

  • Multiple colour options

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