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Tarta Original

Suitable for any seat and with an attractive design


Tarta Original is the world’s first flexible postural backrest. Its modular structure allows for an endless series of modifications and millimetric adjustments that ensure it adapts perfectly to the user’s shape and needs. Original is made up of vertebrae and ribs just like the human skeleton. The vertebrae allow you to increase or reduce their length and follow a scoliotic curve, the ribs can be changed in position, tilted, bent and removed.

The 24 basic models, which can be made up of four, five or six horizontal elements of varying width and depth, are complemented by and endless number of customised models that can be personalised on a case-by-case basis according to performance, medical needs and the shape of the torso they are intended to support

Removable, machine-washable cushions ensure prolonged comfort when sitting.

Original is the result of more than 30 years experience of engineers and orthopaedic specialists and is designed to break down barriers.


Available in 3 different heights (4/5/6 vertebrae). The size must be chosen according to the user's height, pathology and the amount of support needed. The low backrest is suitable for people with good torso control and balance, while the high backrest is designed for people who need more support. In the custom version, the backrest can be customised by adding or removing vertebrae to increase or decrease its height.


The backrest is available in 4 widths, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large, from a minimum of 28 cm to a maximum of 45 cm. The ribs of the backrest are made of aluminium and can be moulded as required to conform perfectly to the user's measurements. We recommend that you consider the size of the user's T-shirt and select the corresponding backrest.


The backrest is available in two different fits depending on the support and containment needed according to the morphology and control of the user's torso. The more restraining slats can be positioned higher or lower than the backrest and symmetrically or asymmetrically depending on requirements.

Adjustable Wheelchair Attachments:

The backrest has different attachments depending on the type of wheelchair. There are 2 attachments available for folding wheelchairs, one consisting of a strap and one consisting of a crossbar to be attached to the backrest tubes of the wheelchair. In both cases, the backrest can be easily removed and the wheelchair folded. Two attachments are available for rigid frame wheelchairs.

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