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Ramps for your unique need


Roll-A-Ramp® is the world’s most versatile, flexible and portable ramp. It combines strength and flexibility and is backed by a 10-year warranty.


  • It rolls up – The highly engineered design allows the ramp to roll up, just like a sleeping bag. Once rolled up, the ramp can be easily stored in your car, on your boat or away in a cupboard.

  • Link construction – Each Roll-A-Ramp® is built in links, which allows us to custom make the length you need. This also gives the flexibility to have multiple ramps in one. You can divide a 2-metre ramp into two 1-metre ramps by splitting the ramp in half and adding additional approach plates.

  • Lightweight and sturdy - Roll-A-Ramp® is made from 6061 aerospace aluminium with a T6 Rockwell harness. This means a superior weight to capacity ratio. As an example, a 2.4m ramp weighs just 20kg and can support 450kg.

Placement options:

Roll-A-Ramp® is so versatile, you can use it just about anywhere. For home or vehicle accessibility, gangways for boats or commercially to more easily load trucks.

Roll-A-Ramp® Accessories:

  • Support Stands – a pair of support stands is suggested for approximately every 2 metres of ramp

  • Ramp Links – extra links can be added at any time to increase the length of your ramp

  • Quick-Connect Pins – allow you to increase or decrease the length of your ramp depending on the circumstances with a simple push button pin release. Whether you want to split your ramp into two smaller ramps or make it easier for handling and storage.

  • Approach Plates – make for an easy transition from ramp to the landing you are accessing.

  • Aluminium Handrails – are easily inserted or removed from brackets that are easy to install and can make your ramp safer and easier to use. Made from high quality aluminium, they won’t rust or corrode.

  • Mounting Brackets – allow for easy mounting of your portable ramp to any landing surface. Easily installed into wood, concrete or metal, the ramps upper approach plate slips into the bracket at 90 degrees and removes in seconds.

  • Platforms – are a great option for longer ramps that need a landing or a change of direction.

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