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MTW Trekking Power

Rear Motorisation Kit for Manual Wheelchairs


Combined with any Triride or Tribike Hybrid model, MTW allows you to have a high-performance rear traction or 3x3 three-wheel electric vehicle.

Born form Triride technology, the kit transforms your manual wheelchair into an electronic wheelchair, simply by replacing your manual wheels with motorized wheels. With 3x3 traction, you can tackel any type of off-road route or demanding climb.


  • 600 W to 2400 W

  • Single or double battery; 36V or 48V

  • Traction selector: Front, Rear, Multi Traction

  • Up to 50km range

  • Programmable electronics via Triride software

  • Rear LED light with stop function - flashing when braking

  • Wheel and tyre diameter of your choice

  • Compatible with most wheelchairs, both folding and rigid

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