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Platypus Pool Steps

Open your pool to everyone!


Swimmers of all types benefit from the innovative design of the Platypus Pool Steps - elderly, arthritic, expectant mothers, young learners or anyone who is uncomfortable with or has difficulty using traditional vertical swimming pool ladders. The Platypus Pool Steps offer no deck modifications or alterations to install.

The Platypus Pool Steps can be placed in and out of your pool as many times as needed - safely and easily, by its dolly wheels.

Manufactured in Sydney, using 316 stainless steel hand rails, corrosion resistant HDPE plastic treads and sides making the Platypus Pool Steps you long term solution to your swimming pool access problems.


  • Makes your pool more accessible

  • Custom made to fit your pool perfectly

  • Can be fitted to almost any in-ground pool or decked above ground pools

  • Easy to pull out of the pool and place back in when needed

  • Can be installed in the corner or on the side of your pool

  • SWL 150kg

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