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Carolift 40

Tilt, swivel and fold for easy lifting and wheelchair storage


The Carolift 40 is a highly maneuverable and easy to use wheelchair hoist with simple push-button controls, allowing easy lifting and stowing.

The Carolift series is wired into your vehicle’s battery meaning you don’t have to worry about it running flat, and the lightweight construction of the jointed arm makes folding and guiding the arm through various positions a breeze. The unique structure allows for installation in a variety of vehicles, from small hatches to large sedans and vans.


  • Lifts up to 40 kg (Capacities up-to 140kg also available)

  • Jointed hoist arm folds both directions

  • Powered lifting/lowering and with manual rotation

  • Assisted folding to and from storage position

  • Fits almost all car models

  • EMC and crash test approved and CE-marked

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