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Tarta Boost


Brand NEW from Tarta by Orthosanit Diffusion, Tarta BOOST.

Based on the same technology as the Tarta Orginal and Emys, BOOST features a central harmonic spring and modular system. This allows the backrest to flex, giving freedom of movement to the user. Like the Emys, the staves or "ribs" can be manipulated to adjust the amount of contour or support given.

The key difference, the BOOST is comprised of two larger "ribs" for increased rigidity compared with the Emys. A perfect option for individuals who want a little less movement than what the Emys has to offer however don't want the complete rigidity of other hard shell style supportive backrests.


  • Available in 18 size configurations

  • Superior breathability - space between ribs & breathable padding

  • Adjustable flexibility

  • Made from aluminium

  • Breathable pads washable at 30 degrees


  • Available for order in custom colours and graphics

  • Adjustable clamp for rigid frame wheelchairs

  • Adjustable clamp for folding wheelchairs (also great for retrofitting)

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