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Unwin Retractors

Securing a safe car ride


Electric Reels (front only)

Unwin Front Electric Reels are designed to secure the front of a wheelchair only and must be fitted to the vehicle floor. They are available in a range of different options and tested to secure a maximum wheelchair weight of 120kg. The electric front straps are available with black webbing in a 3 metre or 4 metre length and fitted with a choice of quick release Tongue & Buckle or Karabiner hook. The electric retractor reels are capable of spooling out and being ‘locked off’ electrically when the slack is taken out of the assembly in use. The electric reel can be fitted with a plastic cover or with no cover depending on how they are mounted to the vehicle floor.


Quattro tie-downs consist of a spool of webbing under a metal or plastic casing. Pressing the yellow release button will enable you to pull out webbing to the desired length. Tension is applied by turning knobs on the side. Two pairs of standard Quattro Retractors are required to secure the front and rear of the wheelchair.

Quattro Express

The Quattro Express has a self-tensioning webbing. In other words, the webbing will spool itself back into the retractor when not attached. The operator can apply final tension by turning the knobs on the side.

Spec Sheet
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