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X-Core Wheels

Wheelchair wheels known for their light weight & superior strength


X-Core wheels provide the user with an extra ordinary experience even when navigating in rough terrains. They are manufactured following a unique moulding process known as lost core which involves casting with nylon or carbon fibre over an alloy core.

X-Core 3-spoke wheels are available in a 24” and 22" size.

The cutting-edge mag wheel style and secure one-piece hub mounting with advance epoxy makes these wheels sturdy, lightweight and easy to clean, handle and maintain. For paediatric clients, by eliminating so many spokes there aren’t spaces for little hands to get caught so there is no need for the addition of spoke guards.

The high-grade liquid automobile paint, CFXP3 used for the wheels provides incredible finish and long-lasting colour protection.


  • Max. user weight 330lbs / 136kgs

  • Wheel material – Enduro II: Fiber Reinforced Composite

  • Limited 3-year warranty

  • Total weight including wheels & bearings (25” 3-spoke) – 1.98 lbs / 900 grams

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