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Spinergy Tactical Control Pushrims


The Spinergy Tactical Control (TC) Pushrim is made from a revolutionary new lightweight stainless steel. They feature an embossed texture that offers excellent properties in terms of wear and tear. The TC pushrims have a non-sticky feel that stays cool even in the hot sun and won't heat up with friction when going down a slope. Plus, they won't mark your hands with any transfer of colour.

Available in 22", 24", 25" and 26" sizes.

Newly available, by popular demand is the TC MAX. Available in 24" and 25" only. The TC MAX is the ergonomically designed version of the original TC pushrim. It features a wider surface area and an oval shape which allows for more room to grip, easing tension in the hands and wrist. The unique shape has been developed to reduce gripping effort and increase pushing efficiency while also eliminating the need to push directly on the tires.

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