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GS Seat

Highly Adaptable Seat for Children and People of Short Stature


The GS Seat is a highly adaptable seat designed for use with the vehicle swivel seat systems. On the GS Seat, almost everything can be individually adjusted to suit the occupants specific seating support needs. This seating system has been designed with a growing child in mind so that the GS Seat can be adjusted on the move when required to provide the occupant with comfortable and safe seating at all times. The GS Seat is also compatible with the Carony transfer wheelchair system, making wheelchair access for smaller vehicles a possibility even in complex seating situations.


  • All individual components can be independently adjusted

  • Over ten different add-on options to suit individual needs

  • Compatible with the Carony wheelchair bases

  • Suitable for children aged 4 to 12 yrs old

  • Inbuilt 5-point adjustable harness

  • Adjustable seatbelt guide

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