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Easy-Pull Winch

Winch and restraint combination system


The Easy-Pull is designed to pull a wheelchair and passenger into the vehicle and directly secure the front wheelchair restraints. This eliminates the carer from physically pushing the wheelchair into the car as well as having to bend down into various positions to attach the front two restraint points.

With its compact design, the Easy-Pull easily fits into all wheelchair accessible vehicles and primarily designed for the drop floor conversions. Using a wireless remote, the Easy-Pull can be operated, and extra long belts guarantee the carer safe and easy access.

The Easy-Pull has adjustable end stops and automatic alignment which keeps the wheelchair straight when going into the vehicle and makes sure it stays at the optimum position for the occupant.


  • Compact design with quick-release belt attachments

  • Wireless remote and locked indication buzzer

  • Two speeds for winching in

  • 12V power

  • Max pull weight: 160 kg

  • 4m long belts for securement

  • Tested and approved to ISO 10542

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