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Tom 5 Streeter

Fully adjustable rehab-stroller


  • Lightweight fully adjustable, foldable rehab stroller designed for ultimate comfort

  • Full-aluminium chassis with cushioned shock absorber and ergonomically shaped, height adjustable handlebar

  • Full range of accessories/supports – basket and padded frame cover plus hiprests on backrest are standard

  • 3 sizes – holds max 50kg

  • Fully adjustable tilt-in-space, fully reclining backrest, angle adjustable footrest

  • Detachable and reversible seat-unit

  • Fully size adjustable – height adjustable backrest, depth and width adjustment of seat base, footrest height & angle

  • Front swivel castors with direction lock

Tom 5 Clipper:

Same as Tom 5 Streeter except seat width is with flexi pads and no direction locks on front wheels. No basket, padded frame cover or hiprests included

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