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Elite AFL Wheelchair

Custom sports wheelchair


Our Elite AFL wheelchair is designed to be lightweight and fast to keep up with the dynamic game of Wheelchair AFL. It is also built with maximum toughness and durability in mind to handle the heavy hits. Whether you are just getting started or you’re a premiership player & coach like Mobility Plus’ very own Brian Fitzpatrick, our Elite AFL wheelchair will have you covered.

Our sports wheelchairs have continued to evolve over our 39-year history. We use our expertise and experience to design and manufacture custom sports wheelchairs that deliver on performance, durability and aesthetics. This expertise and experience is not just from a technical perspective but from the relationships that we have developed and continue to develop. From our strong involvement in wheelchair sports, our relationships with different sporting organisations and importantly, with our valued clients.

Just like our day chairs, our sports wheelchairs are completely custom designed and manufactured right here in Melbourne. From all of the dimension and geometry to components, accessories and colour choices. No two chairs are the same.

Our Elite AFL wheelchair has a heat treated high tensile aluminium frame as standard or titanium for ultimate performance. To keep you secure and connected to your frame, we also have a range of straps available.

Mobility Plus can also manufacture fleets of multiple sports wheelchairs for organisations and sporting clubs. We work with you, to design a fleet that works for the needs of your organisation. This includes the colour choices and we can include your logo within the backrest upholstery. The durability and robust nature of our frames means that your club or organisation can be confident that you will get years of use out of each chair. We also carefully design our fleet wheelchairs so that they stack together, making transporting them in a van or a trailer simple.

Product Features:

  • Australian Made

  • Custom all-welded frame - high tensile, heat treated aluminium or titanium frame

  • Fixed rear wheel position with choice of wheel camber

  • Adjustable footplate

  • Quick release rear wheels

  • Protective front crash-bar

  • Single or dual rear castors

Optional Extras:

  • Clothes guards

  • Spinergy wheels

  • Cushion – foam, latex, Supracor

  • Spoke guards

  • Straps – waist, knee, foot (Velcro or ratchet style)

  • Adjustable seat depth & adjustable rear wheel position

  • Height adjustable backrest

  • Removable rear castor/s

  • Further custom options available on request

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