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Supracor Silver Cushion

Low-risk pressure care and support


Designed for people who are at lower risk for pressure sores, the ventilated, double -layered Stimulite Silver cushion can be used in a wheelchair, on a recliner or stadium seat and provides exceptional comfort, stability and support. At 1-1/2″ thick this lightweight cushion can quickly be tossed into a car’s trunk or an airplane overhead compartment making it perfect for travel.


  • 1-1/2″ thick

  • Weight: From 0.45kgs

  • Machine washable; dryer safe

  • Standard sizes: 16″ x 16″, 16″ x 18″, 18″ x 16″, 18″ x 18″

  • Flat bottom only

  • Available with polyester or sheepskin cover

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