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Equagel Cushions

Long-lasting, low maintenance and easy to use


EquaGel is made from a dry-polymer gel arranged in a series of columns. As pressure is placed on the cell wall, it gently collapses, allowing the users body weight to be distributed across a greater surface. As well as the postural support, the open structure of the EquaGel cushion makes it significantly cooler than many other support cushions. The EguaGel range includes the General support cushion that features mild contouring for everyday use, and the Protector cushion that has deeper postural support and is intended for users who need moderate to high postural support. For users with specific support needs, there is also the Adjustable Protector which comes with removable pelvic contour inserts. All EquaGel cushions come with breathable, water-resistant and multi-stretch covers. Featuring velcro straps for wheelchair attachment, these cushions are long-lasting, low maintenance and easy to use.

We offer a range of Equagel cushions, available in many sizes and styles to suit different user shapes and needs. Please make an enquiry with us to discuss which cushion will suit you best.

Spec Sheet
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