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A NEW power assist for rigid and folding manual wheelchairs


A NEW power assist option - Yomper+ is compatible with most rigid and folding frame wheelchairs. Weighing in at just 5.8kg, Yomper+ is easy to transport and even easier to attach and detach. Yomper+ will stay upright on its own. Two small castor wheels and a raised handle allow it to simply wheel into position under your wheelchair and angle up into its bracket. No need to lift it into place.

Yomper+ is positioned within the axis of your wheelchair, maintaining the dynamics of your chair and removing any need for a pivoting castor or rollers like similar devices.

The EasyGo Wireless Control box features a physical button to control starting and stopping and can either be installed directly on your wheelchair or on your leg. It has 5 speed settings and is configurable. Changing speed while moving is easy with two arrow buttons on the controls. The added benefit of an indoor mode allows braking using the push-rims only. Alternatively, Yomper+ can also be used with an intuitive throttle style attendant control.


  • 250W motor capable of speeds of up to 10km/h (configurable)

  • Max. user weight 150kg

  • Carry case included

  • Indoor and Outdoor mode + 5 adjustable speeds

  • Fast to attach and detach from wheelchair

  • 160Wh battery with 23kg max. range

  • Battery size within air transport regulations


  • 240Wh battery for increased range up to 35km

  • Attendant control

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