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I am your pivotable car seat


I love taking a ride in cars. Do you too? Then please take me with you! With me, you are certain to arrive safely. I have been tested and found to be absolutely safe – on the passenger seat and on the rear seat. To make it very easy for your parents to position you on my seat, it is child’s play to pivot me by 90 degrees out of the car. And my best feature of all is that I can be used as the basis for special constructions. In this way, I can be equipped completely according to your requirements. There aren’t many other systems around which can do that.


  • Sizes: 1, 2, 3

  • Seat width: 28 – 36 cm

  • Seat depth: 25 – 40 cm

  • max. load: 30 – 60 kg

Spec Sheet
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