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Safe supported lying for better learning outcomes


The Acheeva® Learning Station enables students with complex and continuing healthcare needs to be comfortably and easily included in classroom activities. The Acheeva® provides full support in supine, prone or side-lying positions to protect body shape and respiratory function. Students who would otherwise struggle to maintain a functional position can relax and focus on learning and play.

The Acheeva® also offers manual handling benefits to teachers and staff. Being off the floor is safer for students and better for staff members’ backs and knees. Battery operated height adjustment, back angle, bed angle and tilt-in-space allows for changes in positioning without any physical effort. When a bathroom break is needed, the Acheeva® can be simply wheeled into the bathroom to eliminate an extra hoist transfer or the adjustable height makes it easy for those who can do a standing transfer. The Acheeva® comes in two sizes, the Student and Graduate to suit all your students’ needs

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