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BMX Wheels

Ideal for navigating tricky terrain on a trail, grass or gravel


These chunky tyres on a 507 (22”) rim result in a 24” size overall but will generally fit a wheelchair that has 24” or 25” day wheels. The extra grip and softer ride make them a perfect match when using attachments like a Triride power assist or a FreeWheel.

BMX wheels come with axles so that you can simply swap out your quick-release day wheels for your off-road wheels in a flash. Choose between a chunky off-road style tyre for maximum traction or Schwalbe Big Apple tyres if you would prefer something that rolls really easily but still has the natural suspension of air.


  • 507 rim for 24” total size

  • Quick release axles & anodised push rims

  • Chunky off-road or Schwalbe Big Apple tyres

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