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Bruno Curb Sider

The ultimate in lifting power and capacity


The Curb-Sider is one of the most popular means of lifting and transporting your mobility device inside a vehicle using a hoist. Stand near the bumper or the curb, connect the docking device, push a button and the Curb-Sider lifts and stores a mobility device inside of your vehicle with a lifting capacity of up to up to 181kgs. The VSL-6000 comes with a fixed swing length arm and can be installed externally such as on a Ute tray, the VSL-6900 with a telescopic head that can be powered in and out and suitable for internal vehicle applications.


  • Compact and foldaway hoist

  • Easy to use

  • Powerlifting, lowering, rotating for effortless operation

  • Telescoping version provides an additional extension to clear bumpers and load wide mobility devices in smaller openings (VSL-6900)

  • Potential to re-install on another applicable vehicle

  • Suitable for Hatchbacks, Minivans, utes, SUV’s, full-size vans

  • Lift Capacity: both 113kg and 181kg variations

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