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Jumbuck Floor Hoist

High capacity multi-purpose lifter


The Jumbuck Hoist is ideal for use in private homes and supported accommodation. The electric lift and leg opening are operated by a separate handheld control unit. The hoist moves easily on heavy duty castors which are lockable at the rear. The Jumbuck has an easy-to-use quick-change mechanism for accessories such as standard yoke, tilting frame and sling as well as a Jordon frame attachment for picking up stretchers. The Jumbuck Hoist has the ability to lift a cradle or stretcher frame from the floor and has a rated carrying capacity of 240 kilograms. There is an optional weigh scale available to add to this high-capacity, hard-working lifter that protects care-givers from manual handling injuries, and makes life easier for everybody.


  • Yoke. For use with general purpose sling, toileting sling and 2 band sling

  • Pivoting cradle frame. Facilitates transfers from lying to sitting position and back again

  • Stretcher frame. For use with Jordon style stretchers (horizontal lift). Sealed webbing straps for infection control.

  • Power: 24 volt rechargeable batteries

  • Cradle Full Support Sling

  • Divided leg sling with padded spinal support and keyhole fittings on the straps.

  • Top of sling should be level with top of user’s head.

  • Tested to 200kg.

  • Sizes: Small, medium, large, extra large (colour coded)

  • Conventional GP slings are available to fit standard yoke

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