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C-800 Bariatric Fixed Ceiling Lift

A bariatric ceiling hoist with leading-edge safety features


A technologically advanced ceiling lift, the C-800 eliminates the need for task-specific floor lifts. It can be operated by a single caregiver in both institutional and home settings and incorporates leading–edge safety features that reduce the injuries resulting from handling patients. A bariatric patient’s size and immobility-related complications present a unique challenge for caregivers. Each patient’s needs vary considerably dependent on factors such as body size, weight, level of mobility and immediate medical condition. Prism Medical’s C-800 ceiling lift is designed to achieve a safe work environment that aids in increasing overall safety and patient mobility.


  • Smallest bariatric lift in its class, weighing approximately 10.9 kg

  • Pneumatic hand control

  • Available with manual or power traversing

  • Quick lifting speed to reduce patient transfer times

  • Weight sensor cut out at 5.5 amps for RTC models for patient safety

  • Quick change batteries for reduced service time

  • Audible low battery indicator and visual battery/charge level display

  • Digital display that indicates number of lifts, battery levels, lift status and maintenance

  • Auto shut-off when not in use to conserve battery life

  • Soft start/stop 7.5 ft (2.2 m) strap vertical movement for easy lifts from the floor

  • Emergency stop and emergency lowering on the lift

  • Compatible with tracks, accessories, turntables, gates and weigh scales

  • Weight capacity: 363 kg

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