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Amico Portable P450

Powerful but petite


Half the size of major competitors without compromising sling width. For the person lifted “No bulky lifter in your face, or heavy lifter on your lap. This portable hoist is attractive, lightweight at 2.7kg and with a lifting capacity of 204kg it sets new benchmarks for portable lifters


  • Magnetic hand control, always accessible, but doesn’t dangle loosely.

  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Lifting strap oriented parallel to tracks to prevent wear and tear on strap and case.

  • Soft Start — Stop.

  • Designed for easy servicing. Overload Protection.

  • Emergency stop & lowering. Overspeed governor.

  • Upper & lower limit switches.

  • Slack tape sensor.

  • Sits flat on a bench or trolley.

  • High performance NiMH batteries. Low battery warning

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