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PME Electronic Radial Hand Controls

Low-fatigue hand controls for extended use


The Electronic Radial Hand Control Accelerator System is operated with a push to brake and a smooth radial action (downward push) for acceleration. This electronic system requires minimal effort during acceleration thanks to its electronic interface. This can be ideal for those who find accelerating with a mechanical system fatiguing or for those who simply want a lower-effort, smoother acceleratory response.

Thanks to the compact size of the Electronic Radial Accelerator, this unobtrusive system allows for easy entry and exit from the vehicle. It can also be used in vehicles where space limitations make it impossible fit mechanical radial hand controls. These hand controls have been designed to fit and operate in any vehicle.


  • Smooth acceleration

  • Familiar driving technique similar to mechanical radial controls

  • Low effort and lowest fatigue electronic accelerator

  • Can be fitted to a wide range of vehicles

  • Interchangeable from vehicle to vehicle

  • Can easily be switched between 2 driving modes, City and Sport, to suit the desired rate of acceleration in any driving conditions

  • Access and control of secondary functions

  • Knee Airbag Compatible Systems

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