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PME E-Tronic

Australian Made Electronic Hand Controls


The E-Tronic is a new electronic hand control, made in Australia by PME. It is the only electronic hand control on the market which has been designed specifically to meet and exceed the requirements of the Australian Standard for Adapated Driving Controls.

The E-Tonic Navigator draws on PME's 30 plus years of industry experience and close collaboration with customers, OTs and installers. The E-Tronic Navigator is jam-packed with new functionality, highly adaptable and has a sleek finish that looks the part in any high-end vehicle.

Also available is the E-Tronic Pilot. It has the same great features of the Navigator with the addition of a brake locking function. This allows the driver to free both of their hands whilst stopped at traffic lights or during heavy traffic build-up. The ratcheting mechansim can be applied at different firmness to suit the vehicle and brake pressure required. To deactivate, simply apply pressure to the brake lever when you are ready to take off and the locking mechanism will deactivate automatically.

Coupled with a brake slip tube, the hand control moves independently of the brake pedal when able bodied drivers apply the brakes by foot, leaving the feel of the brake pedal untouched.


  • Australian Made and designed

  • Smart Brake Throttle Over-Ride

  • Knee-Airbag Compatible

  • Made from a 6061 aircraft grade aluminium frame, wrapped in soft, rubberised housing for comfort

  • AS3954:2019 compliant


  • City / Sport mode

  • 5-way Multi Function Backlit LIN Switch

  • Horn / Auxilliary Switch

  • Customisable button block

  • 5-way Universal Switch

  • 6 different handle options

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