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Guidosimplex Accelerator Ring

Push to accelerate over/under ring control


Acceleration is achieved by simply applying pressure at any point of the ring. Two models are available with differing methods of operation that appeal to a wide range of users. The Under-ring model is positioned underneath the steering wheel with acceleration achieved by simply pulling the ring towards the wheel with the fingers. The Over-ring model is positioned over the steering wheel and is operated by pushing the ring towards it.


  • Non-invasive

  • Simple operation

  • Two hand grip on wheel

  • Access and control of secondary functions

  • Vehicle can be driven conventionally

  • High quality components

  • Comfortable and responsive

  • Fully electronic or electromechanical system

  • Two models available – Over-ring and Under-ring

  • Can be fitted to a wide range of vehicles

  • Interchangeable from vehicle to vehicle

  • Can easily be switched between 2 driving modes, City and Sport, to suit the desired rate of acceleration in any driving conditions

  • Knee Airbag Compatible Systems

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