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Dahl Docking Station

Unprecedented security & safety


Dahl's electric docking system provides unprecedented security and safety for wheelchair users. This product has undergone rigorous testing and as proven that it can withstand a wheelchair load of 200kg plus passenger, provided that everything has been installed correctly and that the docking system is fully functional.

The system comprises of a docking station fixed to the vehicle floor and a lock plate fitted under the wheelchair allowing the wheelchair to be guided in place be and secured. The wheelchair is released by pressing the release button on the control panel.

A docking station is an alternative to the use of tie-down straps. They are more time efficient and don’t take up the footprint that traditional straps do.

Depending on the user’s requirements, the docking station can be fixed to both wheelchairs and car seats. This system allows for the easy transition of car seat and wheelchair, meaning the driver and passenger can switch with very little hassle. The Dahl Docking Station combines safety and convenience to give its users the best possible treatment when it comes to travelling with a mobility device.

Spec Sheet
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