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Symmetrisleep Sleep System

The most adaptable and easy to use sleep system


The Symmetrisleep is a simple to use in-bed positioning system that provides support throughout the night, when the body is most relaxed. It is suitable for all ages and is an excellent tool to use as part of 24-hour postural care. For many, it provides a better night’s sleep and is proven to protect and improve body shape as well as function.

The Symmetrisleep is highly portable and easy to install, adjust and remove. It can be used with any mattress, on a bed, a cot or in a double bed alongside a parent or carer. Plus, the system will support prone, supine, side or semi-side lying sleeping positions. It will even work while sitting up.

With the Velcro receptor sheet, the pressure relieving, breathable Airmantle and stretchy Coolover sheet in place, the system is all set. When the user is ready, the brackets and pillows that provide comfortable support can be fitted into place in a moment. The variety of brackets and pillows are extremely adaptable, allowing components to be changed and added as required. This means the system will continue to work as the client grows or changes. While some parts may need changing over time, the system itself won’t become redundant.

In addition to providing postural support, the Symmetrisleep Airmantle and Coolover fabrics help to actively regulate body temperature for a better night’s sleep. The Airmantle moulds to the body, providing comfort and support while putting a layer of air around the user, allowing perspiration to evaporate. CoolOver TR3 temperature regulating fabric contains tiny Omnitherm® microcapsules that absorb heat when body temperature rises and gives it back when it falls. To make the system even more user friendly, the Airmantle can also be easily washed and dried. The latest CoolOver fabrics have also ben engineered for higher wash temperature and easier drying.


  • Prone, supine, side or semi-side positioning

  • Variable uses: On a bed, cot or in a double bed alongside a parent

  • Profiling mattress or pressure relieving mattresses (passive or active)

  • Highly portable and easy to install, adjust or remove

  • Symmetrisleep® is easy to clean and its single piece overmantle protects the mattress below from spillage.

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