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Wall Mounted Height Adjustable Adult Change Table

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Australian designed and manufactured by Para Mobility, the Wall Mounted Height Adjustable Change Table can be used in schools, private homes, community centres, swimming pool change rooms, leisure centres, entertainment facilities, shopping centres, residential aged care homes and disability accommodation. The Wall Mounted Height Adjustable Change Table has been designed to be a simple and functional change table, that can be stored flat against the wall within its own frame when not in use, creating extra space. When ready for use, the adult change table is easily lowered to the desired height with no power required for operation, ensuring less manual handling strain for the carer and participant.

  • Lightweight aluminium construction.

  • Hook and Loop tape secured cushions to ensure safety.

  • Table top and surrounding cushions are covered in Medi-Flex for stain resistance. Medi-Flex is a flame retardant fabric which is waterproof, dust mite, urine, stain and slip resistant with an antibacterial additive.

  • Three (3) height positions 75mm apart with easy adjustment.

  • Fitted with one (1) restraint strap for safety. Additional strapping can be added if necessary.

  • Manufactured by Para Mobility in accordance with ASA 3581 standards, with lightweight aluminium frame.

  • Can be fixed to most walls including brick and stud walls, full installation instructions are supplied on delivery.

  • Folding side rails for safety are available also


  • Recommended installation height: 600mm from floor to frame.

  • Standard bed size: 1850mm long x 750mm wide; sizes can be tailor made to user requirements. SWL – 120kg.

  • Small bed size: 1200m long x 750mm wide. SWL – 80kg.

  • NB – an additional 63mm each side needs to be added to accommodate the frame when checking available space.

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