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Your adjustable 3-in-1 standing frame


Regular standing has a positive effect on the body structure and function as well as promoting inclusiveness with eye-to-eye level with friends and family.

Features of the TILL include the ability to transfer from lying to standing position in a safe, comfortable way. Various adjustment options allow you to precisely adapt to specific body shape and needs – from head to toe!


  • Reclining surface can be tilted from 0° to 90° to transfer from lying to standing position.

  • The Chest-shoulder strap helps provide optimum support and position.

  • The reclining surface can be optimally adjusted for individual shaping with the adjustment lever.

  • Lying surface adjustable in length and leg rests individually adjustable in length for safe and correct posture.

  • Footrests, which can be adjusted via the height adjustment to the ground and change of the foot position by 15° on the footrest.

  • Underframe with 5 castors (75 mm) with locking devices for extra safety.

  • Therapy table is suitable for therapeutic and play purposes.

  • Pelvic rotation adjustment 0-5cm.

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