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Symmetrikit Chair

Complete support through tilt, reclined and prone positions


It takes effort to maintain a balanced seated position. If you can’t, you chair has to do it for you. Without proper support, you may end sitting in a bad posture, feeling fatigued or stuck in bed or a power chair for the entire day.

The compact, versatile modular system of the Symmetrikit chair can help you relax by providing the right amount of support for your needs. Every aspect of the chair can be easily adjusted to ensure the perfect fit, making it an excellent option to assist with 24-hour positioning. For more complex postural needs, Fingerform backs act like comfortable lateral supports. Each individual finger can be adjusted up and down, in and out, angled, set off to one side and can even pivot. As a result, the support can follow the shape of the back and support the whole trunk.

Available in both manual and powered versions, the Symmetrikit Chair can tilt-in-space, recline and the leg rest elevates. This allows for quick repositioning for relaxing and more functional tasks like meal times, PEG feeding and play or tray-based activities. Not only can it function as a chair but also as a bed or a prone wedge.

Further day-to-day adjustments include fold-down armrests to facilitate side transfers or help with sling positioning. The footplate is also angle adjustable so the feet remain supported in different angles of legrest elevation. All covers are removable and washable, making the chair easy to keep clean.

It’s common knowledge that correct seating will help to more evenly distribute pressure. To further address pressure care needs, the Symmetrikit chair is available with a range of seat cushion options. If you have already have a favourite cushion type, the chair is available with a “nest” to allow you to BYO. Optional Aero upholstery is manufactured with panels of Airmantle which allows air to circulate and moisture to evaporate, helping to reduce skin temperature and humidity.

Possible adjustments:

  • Seat width and depth

  • Seat height

  • Armrest height & angles (vertically & laterally)

  • Leg length

  • Back rest

  • Leg rest

  • Foot-plate

  • Tilt-in-space

  • Upper back can fold forward for Kyphotic backs

  • Adjustable head wings

  • While upper back can be offset


  • 24v battery power tilt, recline, leg angle (3-function power)

  • 24v battery power tilt & recline (2-function power)

  • Head rest

  • Table – height and angle adjustable

  • 4 x 100mm braked castors

  • Glide wheels – 300mm rear wheels with single brake

  • Pommels, leg stops and footblocks

  • Cushions: Lowzone contour, Coolover Gel, Lowzone Ramp, BYO “nest”

  • Covers: Classic, Neo, Aero cover styles

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