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WYMO Roof-Mounted Wheelchair Loader

Convenient and easy wheelchair storage without impacting internal space


The WYMO roof mounted wheelchair loader is an answer to the problem of wheelchair storage. It is an Australian made product with an excellent reputation for reliability, durability and value established over more than twenty years.

The loader is operated from the inside of the vehicle to raise a manual folding wheelchair and secure it to the roof of the car. After transferring to the vehicle and folding their wheelchair, the user flicks a switch and the lifting strap is lowered. The folded manual wheelchair is then hooked on to the strap by the front castor struts and winched up onto car roof. An elastic strap is fitted to the outside wheel and tightens as the gate ascends. After the retaining strap is hooked on, the wheelchair is held with complete security. The roof-mounted loader provides dependable assistance that you can trust will never leave you stranded.


  • Can be installed to either the driver or passenger side of the vehicle

  • The hoist is clamped onto the vehicle’s roof gutters or a standard roof rack.

  • Easily and inexpensively transferred to another vehicle

  • Operating time for both loading and unloading of wheelchair less than 2 minutes

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