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Molift Smart 150

Foldable, portable, lightweight patient lifter


Designed for home care, travelling and easy storage, the Molift Smart 150 can be easily wheeled and transported to where it is required. Molift Smart 150 is foldable in one piece without using any tools. An excellent option to easily store at home for occasional or emergency use. The Smart 150 will simply divide into two sections making it easy to transport in a vehicle.

Due to its low weight, the small footprint and the unique construction, Molift Smart 150 is easy to manoeuver even in narrow spaces. The hoisting range of 270-1680mm provides an excellent maximum hoisting height and at the same time gets very low, so it can lift from the floor. The 4-point sling bar ensures a comfortable and spacious hoisting position for the user.


  • Foldable, portable, lightweight patient lifter

  • 4-point sling bar for comfortable and spacious hoisting

  • Compact and foldable without tools

  • Can lift from the floor

  • Can be divided into two sections for easy transport

  • 150kg weight capacity

  • Emergency stop & electric/manual lowering functions


  • Soft travel bag or travel suitcase

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