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The people at Mobility Plus are experts in helping people with disabilities become more independent. Whether it is the ability to transfer out of bed, move around your home, or venture further afield through use of a motor vehicle. Each is a step towards independence.

Romedic Transfer Products

Romedic have a wide range of transfer products ranging from simple turntables and slide boards to non-slip belts and stretchers.


Guldmann Ceiling Hoists

Guldmann ceiling hoists, distributed by Mobility Plus, are an ideal way to move non-weight-bearing people from one place to another.A ceiling hoist can reach any part of the room so furnishings and floor-coverings can look less clinical. 

Floor Hoists Jumbuck Hoist

The Jumbuck Hoist is a high capacity multi-purpose lifter which is ideal for institutional use.

The electric lift and leg opening are operated by a separate hand-held control unit. The hoist moves easily on heavy duty castors which are lockable at the rear.

Floor Hoists Home Care Lifter

The Home Care Lifter is a small floor hoist designed for use in domestic homes or small institutions. It is intended for transfers from bed to chair to bed or turning and moving in bed.

It has a polyurethane coated yoke for safety and protection of the passenger as well as a formed one-piece lifting arm with ample head clearance.

Floor Hoists Joey Hoist

The Joey is a flexible hoist that lifts from the floor, bed, chair or bath with the choice of a standard or tilting frame that makes for smooth transfers to and from lying or sitting.

The Joey Hoist is ideal for domestic or institutional use and has a rated capacity of up to 175 kilograms. It has an additional safety feature of an automatic cut-out switch should the boom encounter any resistance.

Floor Hoists Emu Hoist

The Emu Hoist is a unique and effective standing and transfer hoist aimed at people who can partially weight-bear or who are undergoing rehabilitation.

As with the Joey Hoist, the lift and leg-opening are electrically operated via a hand control and it has a lifting capacity of 175 kilograms.

Slings for Floor or Ceiling Hoists

Mobility Plus distributes a wide range of slings and accessories for floor or ceiling hoists.

These tend to be less expensive than the “brand name” slings, but are just as effective.

Pool and Spa Hoists

Swimming for both rehabilitation and pleasure is denied to many people with disabilities because of the difficulties of getting in and out of the water.

Mobility Plus is the distributor of a number of pool and spa hoists.

This practical machinery allows a person with a disability to enter, and leave the water quickly, safely and with dignity.

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