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Mobility Plus supplies Roll-a-Ramp exclusively in Australia. It is the world’s most versatile ramping system.

Fabricated from strong aerospace aluminium with a black anodized finish, the Roll-a-Ramp provides incredible strength, being able to hold up to 900 kilograms of distributed weight.

The Roll-a-Ramp can come in any size, from a personal single step-conquering version to extended semi-permanent access ramps with hand-rails.

The versatility of the Roll-a-Ramp is due to the fact that it is small segments that are riveted together. Each segment braces against the other in an ingenious design to provide a stable, rigid ramp to take any brand of manual or electric wheelchair or scooter. It can then simply roll up for storage or transportation.

There are a small number of important accessories. In larger ramps, a centre support stand, which is easily fixed, is required for stability. Positive Locking Pins that release easily can replace rivets in the segments so the ramp can be broken up onto a number of smaller, more easily carried pieces with the strap handle.

In very long ramps which may even require a landing, the Roll-a-Ramp platform and hand rails are available.

Even Autofold motors can be added to customize your ramp. The Roll-A-Ramp format is only limited by your imagination. And, if your situation changes, you can add length to the ramp with the simple tools provided with your ramp. You don’t have to purchase another ramp to meet your new need. That’s flexibility.

Features Include:

  • Holds up to 900 kilograms of distributed weight
  • Available in any length
  • Simply rolls up for storage or transportation
  • Length can be added to your existing ramp


Click on the following link to view the Roll-a-ramp and its many uses.

Roll A Ramp and it's many uses




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