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Threshold Ramps



Threshold Ramps from Mobility Plus are a fantastic solution for all those annoying small bumps that constantly confront us. These small obstructions can trip up a fit and healthy person, or tip anybody out of a wheelchair, walking frame, or stroller.

Threshold Ramps come in two sizes with heights of 25 or 50mm, but can be modified to fit any obstruction under 50mm by trimming them to suit, with a band-saw or jigsaw.

These easily portable ramps, made from maintenance-free, re-cycled rubber compound, are much lower in cost than cement or metal plates, and meet access and mobility gradients of 1:8.

Threshold Ramps can simply be laid in place, as they are naturally of low-slip co-efficient, or can be permanently fixed using industrial adhesive. What could be easier or simpler than that?

These Threshold Ramps have so many applications for people with wheelchairs, walking frames, strollers, prams, or delivery trolleys, and also drastically reduce tripping hazards.

Threshold Ramps are a great all-round utilisation of re-cycled raw materials in this throw-away world

Features Include:

  • Can be modified to suit any obstruction under 50mm
  • Made from re-cycled rubber compound
  • More cost effective than cement or metal plates
  • Portable and easy to install

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