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Ramping for wheelchairs and scooters seems such a simple thing, and it is;but it is the application that is critical.

Firstly there are weight considerations, then there is the distance to be bridged,and the gradient required. There are always government safety regulations as to distance, hand rails, gradients and locations just to add to the complexity.

At Mobility Plus we are experts in ramping and are able to take the worry out of selecting the right ramp for you.

We have long ones and short ones; light-weight portable ones; heavy duty ones; ones with hand rails and, when all else fails, we’ll make them ourselves to suit your needs. We act as an agent and distributor for a number of highly regarded ramp manufacturers from around the world and can draw on many different configurations to help you.

Ramps can be so important for your independence and mobility. The choice and expertise at Mobility Plus makes it easy to select the right ramp.

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