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Door Opener

Door Opener For many people with reduced gripping ability, arm strength or reach, the task of opening the boot/hatch door of a car can often prove to be problematic and physically stressful.  Mobility Engineering’s Pneumatic Door Opener makes this tedious and time consuming process much more convenient and easy. Through this product, the boot’s door can be automatically opened and shut at just the touch of a button. This pneumatic opener is ideal for people with reduced gripping ability or mobility as it allows them to access their vehicle’s boot with ease and simplicity.

Contact us today to see how you can get a Pneumatic Hatch Opener installed in your vehicle!

Features of the Pneumatic Hatch Opener

  • The hatch opener is operated through a button near the driver’s seat.  There is also a remote control option
  • Is able to be installed in most vehicles with a hatch type rear door.
  • Retains the ability to be opened manually.
  • Available in 2 different sizes, suitable for both Sedan cars and MPV’s or Van’s



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