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Auto Adapt Turnout

Mobility Plus installs and distributes the AutoAdapt Turnout which is a vehicle mounted swivel base that allows the car seat to swivel out over the sill of the vehicle to facilitate entering and exiting for either weight-bearing or wheelchair-bound passengers.

The Turnout can be adapted to two or four door cars and is available on either driver or passenger side of the vehicle.

Brand-adapted brackets are available for the most common brands of cars and they are mounted on the original seat fittings so they can be easily removed, and the seat returned to its original state, when the car is replaced.

Quite often, the original seat can be re-used, but a low-profile seat such as the “BEV” is recommended to ensure correct seating height and maximum room when entering and exiting the vehicle.

The Turnout has passed crash-testing standards and has an approved load capacity of 250 kilograms.

Mobility Plus has great faith in this quality equipment and is able to fit it into most vehicles to further extend the period of independence in the life of a person with disabilities.

Features Include:

  • Aids the passanger or driver in entering and exiting of vehicle via a mounted swivel base
  • Available on either driver or passenger sides and can be adapted to both 2 & 4 door cars
  • Can be easily removed and refitted when the car is replaced.



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