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Turny Evo

Turny Evo: The Turny Evo Car Seat Lift offers a more convenient way for all users to access their cars regardless of their ability.  The Turny Evo is a swivel seat system with an electric swivel and lowering function, making transferring in and out of the vehicle a breeze. 

The Turny Evo removes all the hard labour in hoisting, lifting and climbing to allow for greater convenience and independence for the user and a longer lasting back for the carer! The Turny Evo can be fitted in with minimal modifications to the vehicle and is ideal for those with high-ceilings such as minibuses, SUVs, MPVs and vans.

The Turny Evo is the deluxe edition of the Turny range, offering additional features and improved design. The Turny Evo allows fitted seats to recline and be adjusted forward and backward, offering superior comfort for the passenger. The movement of the swivelling and lowering is also smoother for the Evo edition. Additionally, the Turny Evo offers an improved remote control with an information display and increased controllability of the movement. Finally, the Turny Evo’s improved aesthetic design makes it blend much better with the existing vehicle interior design.

The Turny Evo system can be adapted for the driver, passenger or rear seating positions of most vehicles.  This innovative system is an Australian First, with the swivel seat being able to dock into a Carony Wheelchair Base (sold separately), transforming your car seat into a fully functional and class leading wheelchair.  Transferring in and out of vehicles has never been easier!

Features of the Turny Evo

  • Powered lifting and swivelling function.
  • The seat can be moved back and forward while in the vehicle. 
  • The backrest reclining provides more head space and improved comfort
  • Elegant and slim design
  • Integrated footrest
  • Easy emergency-mode operation 
  • Advanced pinch protection system 
  • Crash tested and certified 
  • Covers are included in Turny Evo 
  • Informative hand control display showing the status 
  • The more compact design provides more leg room for passengers and allows it to be fitted in more vehicles.

To see how the Turny Evo can change your life, contact one of our friendly staff today!   




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