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Abilquip Abiloader

Abiliquip Abiloader a revolution in wheelchair user independence. The new Abiloader makes vehicle access to the wheelchair incredibly easy with its streamlined wheelchair delivery service. The Abiloader is able to pack and unpack the wheelchair straight from the passenger or driver seat with almost no work from the user. The wheelchair user is able to wheel right over to their seat and transfer into it. Then with the flick of a switch, an arm from the boot will extend right up to the wheelchair user’s seat. All one has to do is push the wheelchair in place and the arm will pack the wheelchair right up into the boot of the car. There is no fuss as the whole packing process is completely automatic. Similarly it is just as easy to disembark, as the arm can unpack the wheelchair with the flick of a switch. The arm will unpack the wheelchair near the user’s seat, allowing them to access their wheelchair without the aid of others. 

Not only is the wheelchair delivery very intuitive, but the modification itself does not affect the shape of the car. It requires no cutting of the vehicle and no external compartments that may detract from its looks. Additionally, the Abiloader is able to be fitted in a wide variety of vehicle, from wagons to SUVs. 

The Abiloader is for those that do not want to compromise when it comes to getting their independence. It offers a quick, easy and intuitive wheelchair delivery system without detracting from the way your car looks.

Contact us today to enquire about the Abiloader and how it will help you reclaim your independence! 



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