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Fully Automatic Underfloor Lift - F900

Fully Automatic Underfloor Lift - F900: The F900 is a wheelchair lift like no other. The F900 is a retractable, completely automatic underfloor lift made to be fixed in the side of the vehicle. The lift itself slides out from under the vehicle. This unique positioning allows the user to save valuable internal vehicle space as the majority of the lift’s components will sit under the vehicle instead of inside it. This has the added bonus of being a wheelchair lift that does not obstruct the driver’s rear view.  

The Autolift F900 is powered by an electro-hydraulic unit which gets a platform to slide out from under the vehicle and onto the floor. Once the wheelchair is on the platform the unit will elevate the wheelchair to the vehicle level and allow it to access the vehicle. Due to its extremely slim dimensions of the cassette F900 can be mounted on a wide range of vehicles for transporting individuals with special needs.

Features of the F900

  • Aluminium Platform with warning lights Protection stainless steel cassette watertight with deep of 90mm
  • Automatic safety-stop-plates for the wheelchair 
  • Powered by an electro-hydraulic unit and 2 cylinders 
  • Controlled through a 4 button pendant switch 
  • Auxiliary emergency hand pump

Note: This lift is made for the Volkswagen Transporter T5 or the Mercedes Viano/Vito. For all other vehicles, the van must be first inspected to see if it fits.   




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