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The Mobility Supporter

The Mobility Supporter is a fully adjustable seating frame that provides support during transport. It is much more convenient than many other methods, as it utilises existing seats and seat-belts in most vehicles, and is often secured by the standard built-in anchor bolt that secures a baby capsule. Extension straps are available for longer vehicles such as station wagons.

The Mobility Supporter has two adjustable “wings” that securely hold the person to be transported between them. The passenger is then further secured with the aid of the vehicles standard seat belts, and adjustable straps on the unit itself.

Variations of the frame width and depth are available for narrower seats such as in mini-buses as well as different aprons to cater for seats with built-in headrests. The unit can also be customised for people with special needs as it is actually manufactured by Mobility Plus.

There is also a choice of head-rests to add to the passengers comfort and safety.

The Mobility Supporter is an easy, convenient solution to the problems of transportation for people with disabilities.

Features Include:

  • Utilises existing seats and belts in most vehicles making it more convenient than other methods.
  • The adjustable wings hold the person securely.
  • Can be customised for people with special needs.
  • Available in junior and adult sizes.
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