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Q Straint

Q Straint manufactures the world’s safest automotive wheelchair and occupant securement strapping systems. Called "Hook & Go", this strapping securement system is extremely convenient for the vehicle operator, as it easily makes way for other uses in the vehicle.

Independent tests have proved the QRT Max System by Q Straint is the ultimate in passenger safety, surpassing all test standards, implied or published. Mobility Plus now has this excellent system exclusively here in Victoria.

Q Straint puts safety as its single most important priority and has implemented the ISO 9002 Quality System.

Taking a unique approach to safety, Q Straint has both the wheelchair and occupant protected in an inter-dependent system that ensures both chair and passenger are securely restrained.

Q Straint is a dedicated specialist, as it engineers and manufactures nothing but wheelchair and occupant securement systems.

The QRT Max system features self-tensioning and self-retracting belts so there is no need to apply tension manually and no long belts are left lying on the floor.

The pleasing thing for attendants is that the system is extremely easy and simple to operate, and, as an added check, a Positive Lock Indicator” provides another degree of reliability.

Mobility Plus can fit this system to most vehicles and it provides a safe and secure environment for the transporting of people in their wheelchairs. A simple system that allows for simple peace of mind.




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