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Want to be totally independent when driving your vehicle by not having to transfer out of your manual wheelchair?

Mobility Plus is pleased to announce the launch of an exclusive and innovative Vehicle conversion suitable for a Manual Wheelchair where No Transfer is required.

In this case it is a VW Transporter that is fitted with a Wireless Remote that opens and closes the Rear Hatch door and lowers and raises the Wheelchair Occupant Platform Lift for Access into the vehicle.

A unique Wheelchair Restraint system Secures the wheelchair in position behind the Steering Wheel and a Headrest, Backrest and Lumber Support systems comes around behind the Wheelchair Occupant to complete the Safety requirements.

A suitable Hand Control system with Electronic Acceleration and auxiliary functions for Indicators, Horn etc. to suit your requirements, complete the conversion.

Contact us for further information.

Uni Loc

Uni Loc whether you are a driver or just a passenger, there is no better solution for wheelchair accessibility into vehicles than the Uni Loc.  The Uni Loc system provides you with the ability to secure your wheelchair from a single docking point.  This means you are able to drive right up to the docking point with relative ease.  Once it’s locked, you are good to go for fastening your seatbelts as normal and then driving off!

The Uni Loc system is one that stands out from the rest as it is universal and can be fitted with virtually any electronic wheelchair! As you would expect from this system, it satisfies the strictest of safety standards, allowing you to ride and drive in complete confidence. To bring the convenience, safety and independence of the Uni Loc system to your vehicle, contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Features of the Uni Loc

  • UniLOC is a universal wheelchair lock, delivered with wire harness, switch button and a light indicating locked and unlocked position.
  • UniLOC is equipped with an emergency release. 
  • The UniLOC has been tested with a 140 Kg power wheelchair in a 20G Dynamic test. It has also been tested according to International Standards (ISO) so you can be confident in its safety. 



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