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Want to be totally independent when driving your vehicle by not having to transfer out of your manual wheelchair?

Mobility Plus is pleased to announce the launch of an exclusive and innovative Vehicle conversion suitable for a Manual Wheelchair where No Transfer is required.

In this case it is a VW Transporter that is fitted with a Wireless Remote that opens and closes the Rear Hatch door and lowers and raises the Wheelchair Occupant Platform Lift for Access into the vehicle.

A unique Wheelchair Restraint system Secures the wheelchair in position behind the Steering Wheel and a Headrest, Backrest and Lumber Support systems comes around behind the Wheelchair Occupant to complete the Safety requirements.

A suitable Hand Control system with Electronic Acceleration and auxiliary functions for Indicators, Horn etc. to suit your requirements, complete the conversion.

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Bakk Flip

Bakk Flip is a supporting back rest system that makes a manual wheelchair a safe and comfortable driver’s seat. Once the wheelchair is in place and secured by the docking device, the Bakk Flip moves into position to support the upper body and neck. This supporting back rest protects against rebound forces in case of impact, and provides a comfortable driving space position. Bakk Flip can be operated automatically or manually.

  • Crash test certified in accordance with ISO 10542.
  • Cycle tested.
  • Stylish modern design, available in different colours to match vehicle interiors.
  • Makes driving safe and comfortable.
  • Easy 8-way adjustable backrest.
  • Adjustable head rest.
  • Pre-formed headrest for use with headrest control systems.
  • Optional arm rest.
  • Optional lower back support.
  • Optional headrest extension.
  • Manual release function.
  • Can be used together with Lokk Up or other existing docking devices available on the market.
  • USA patented
  • The Bakk Flip moves into position at the touch of a button.




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